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Search engine not driving enough traffic to your site?  Need to get customers to your site sooner than the months it can take your site to reach the first page of the search listings? 

You may need to market your site.  Luckily, advertising on the web does not need to cost a lot of money.  You can control exactly how much you spend and with web analysis tools, you'll be able to measure how much the traffic to your site has increased. 

There are several different types of web advertising:

  • Search engines (Google, Yahoo, and others) offer pay per click advertising.  When a user types keywords you choose, your ad shows up next to or inside the search results - you pay only if the user clicks your ad.  Costs can be as low as 5 cents per click.

  • Banner Ads let you show your company's name and message along with high quality visual images.

  • Link Exchanges where you agree to link to someone else's site if they agree to link to yours. Link exchange programs help you find people to exchange links with

  • Email Marketing is a low cost way to communicate with your existing customers and encourage them to return to your site

  • Pay per impression advertising: including pop-up and pop-under ads that appear when a user navigates to or away from a specific website

  • Pay per click advertising on websites related to your business - contact the website you're interested in directly to set something up.

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