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Banner advertising lets you display a visually appealing text and graphics ad to your customers.   The ability to show graphics allows you to effectively establish your brand.

Tips for choosing a company to display banner ads

  • Where will the ads show up? Are you able to target the ads so that they show up only on relevant web pages?

  • Do you pay per impression, or for a guaranteed number of customers to come to your site?

  • Does the company give you best practice information about creating effective banner ads?

  • How much does it cost, and what is the minimum investment?

  • What data do you get about which ads were effective?

  • How frequently will your banner ad be displayed

  • What size will the ads be, and where will they appear on the page?

  • Are there tools to help you create banner ads quickly?

Tips for effective banner advertising

  • Use consistent visuals across all your banner ads to help build your brand - even if the customer doesn't click on the ad, they'll remember your logo

  • Make sure your company logo or name appears clearly in the ad

  • Target your ads to the people most likely to purchase something on your site (e.g. sporting goods advertisements on sports pages, not cooking pages)

  • Test your ads with a small group before committing to a full campaign

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