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If you have a product to sell, there are ecommerce tools that can make it very easy to set up you own ecommerce website.  Often called Store Front packages, they include features that make it easy to accept credit cards, provide shopping cart features, and create invoices.  Some packages also include features that let you export information to your accounting software so that it's easy to keep track of your revenues

Here are some questions to consider when choosing Store Front or ECommerce software

  • Do you need to install special software, or can you manage everything on the Internet

  • Does the company provide best practice information to help you start making money quickly

  • How long does it take to get an account set up, and incorporate the features into your website

  • Are the tools easy to use, or will the require help from a web design expert

  • What features are offered?  Popular features include wish lists, email to a friend, and gift wrap

  • Does the software let your customers create profiles that remember their information the next time they visit your site?

  • Do the provided templates look professional and give you the flexibility you need in order to demonstrate your brand?

  • Can you export data to your accounting software?

  • What kind of reports can you run?

  • Are the fees one-time, or ongoing?

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