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Email marketing can be a very effective way of getting high quality return visitors to your site.  There are two types of email marketing:

  • Bulk mail to a mailing list

  • Targeted Mail to customers who have visited your site before or visited related sites

Targeted mail is especially effective because you're sending email to people who have expressed an interest in your site, telling them about something new on the site, and reminding them to come back.  That extra traffic is free to you.

Tips for choosing an email marketing software package or service

  • Does there software make it easy to manage your email list?  Can it import from your contact management software?

  • Can you keep track of which customers are interested in which topics

  • Can you build email campaigns based on demographic information about your customers (for example, where they live)

  • Is it possible to personalize the email with the customer's name or other information from their account?

  • Do they have HTML templates that let you deliver high quality email with graphics and text?

  • Is there software to let you track which email campaigns are most effective?

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