How to create your own website


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This site walks you through the steps to create your own website - explaining in clear language what to do, what to look for when choosing a service, and everything you need in order to get your website up and running.

  1. Domain name registration

  2. Web hosting

  3. Web design

  4. Make Money with your Website
        ECommerce, Affiliates Programs, Paid Ads

  5. Use Web Collaboration to communicate with customers

  6. Search engine registration

  7. Increase your Search engine ranking

  8. Advertise your website
         Banner Ads, Pay Per Click, Link Exchange

  9. Email Hosting

About Me
I created my very first website back in 1994 while studying for my Master's Degree in Computer Science.  Since graduating and entering the computer industry, I have created many websites, both professionally for my employer and for fun. 

People often come to me asking for help getting started and wanting to know what they should look for in the various services they need in order to set up a successful site.  Finally I thought “there must be lots of people who need a quick guide to getting started”  and decided to set up a website to help people set up their first site. 

Like what you see?  The advice and tips on this site are just a small sample of what we can do to help you set up and drive customers to your website. 

I have no relationship with the businesses I describe. If you find this website useful, please add a link to it from your website once it's set up.

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