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Search Engine Optimization tools can help you increase your position in search listings by analyzing your pages and making suggestions about what to do to increase your search engine rank.

There are lots of tips and trick to optimizing for search engines.  Some of them seem obvious:

  • provide a high quality, rich site with lots of content

  • think about the keywords that people are likely to type in search when they look for your site and use those words within your text

  • get other more established and high quality sites to link to you

  • use clear, easy to understand language

  • use descriptive names on links to pages within your site

  • offer a site map that points users to all the important parts of your site

The list doesn't end there, however - there are lots of different techniques that help get your site listed higher with different search engines, and these tips change frequently.  A search engine optimization website or tool can help analyze your site and make recommendations about how to improve its ranking.


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