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Web Collaboration lets you communicate and share information with your customers.  By creating a community around your website, you make your website a place that customers want to return to.

Features to look for in Web Collaboration Software

  • Document Library where you can share documents with your customers or access them from anywhere.

  • Bulletin Board where your customers can post questions for you to answer or communicate with each other and share success stories about your product.

  • Real time conferencing software that lets you share and work in documents with others over the internet

Tips for choosing web collaboration software:

  • Can you restrict who has access to different files or bulletin boards?

  • Are there templates to make it easy to set up a nice looking collaboration site?  Can you customize the templates with your business logo and colors?

  • How easy is it to post your for document sharing?

  • How easy is the bulletin board software to use?  Can you easily track which questions need to be answered?

  • How easy is the web collaboration software to use?  How do you set up a conference? 

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